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Advance Praise for Shooting Star

"(This story) is simply incredible. A whale of a book for sports fans and for anyone that enjoys a
great human interest tale. It has all the
ingredients of a Shakesperian drama."

"When college basketball needed salvation, here
came a mysterious stranger named Bevo Francis
performing wonders of redemption. 'Shooting Star'
fills a blank page in the game's history and fills it
with unflinching honesty."
- DAVE KINDRED, The Sporting News

"The Bevo Francis saga will endure through the ages,
and Kyle Keiderling tells Bevo’s story like no one
else could."
- DAVE DILES, longtime ABC sportscaster

"Bevo almost single-handedly kept the game alive
after the 1951 betting scandals. This wonderful book
provides great insight into Bevo and his marvelous
contribution to college basketball."

This site features the book "Shooting Star: The Bevo Francis Story" written by Kyle Keiderling with a Foreword by George Steinbrenner.

It will take you on a roller coaster ride of triumph and tragedy that will in turn, inspire, infuriate and fill you with a sense of wonder. In the final analysis you too, will come to believe... anything is possible.

Look around and enjoy excerpts from the book as well as Stats, Photos, Video Clips, Author Appearances and Events!

Speaking of Bevo...

"At that juncture in history, where he met that fork in the road, Bevo was the greatest shooter in the history of basketball."
-William Nack, author and former Sports Illustrated writer on the ESPN documentary on Francis.

"Francis was a great player in his own right. He proved that. He was the (George) Mikan of his time. He would have been a great player at any time.....(After the betting scandals) Bevo brought back some dignity to the sport. He took the sting out of it. He restored it to its place, the way Ruth and Gehrig had done for baseball after the "Black Sox" scandal. He had a unique ability to stimulate the crowds. He mesmerized the country."
-Former Villanova University Coach, Alex Severance.

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Keiderling has brought the legend of Bevo back to vivid life by recreating the amazing events of 1952-54, when Francis captivated America by twice eclipsing 100 points in a college basketball game. It is the tale of a humble, small- town athlete who overcame multiple hardships and incredible odds to become the greatest scorer in history. But more than a basketball story, Shooting Star is an inspirational tale of how an unlikely hero from a tiny school showed a skeptical nation that anything is possible.

Nominate the Redmen to the Hall of Fame

In May, 2006 the 1952-54 Rio Grande Redmen will be inducted into the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame. You can send the Redmen to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. - an honor that is long overdue!

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"He was the best player I ever saw. He had a great jump shot. And he had a great ball club along with him. After it{the game} was finally over, I thought I’d just seen the greatest player then alive– college or pro."
-Kenny Mast, former Coach Bluffton College.

"Bevo had the finest touch I’ve ever seen."
-Ron Shavlik, North Carolina State All-American, 1954

"Bevo was a real fine ball player. He was a pure shooter."
-Ned " Dickie" Hemric,Wake Forest All America. ACC player of the year,1954.

"Francis convinced me. He was a great player. He was an excellent shooter from the floor and was big enough to control the boards. And don’t overlook his playing companions. They were an excellent college team. Bevo was to Rio Grande what Larry Bird was to Indiana State later."
-Tony Hinkle, Hall of Fame former Coach, Butler University.

"There wasn't a stiff among them. They could all pass and handle the ball. Bevo could shoot with anyone in the game– even today. It’s a shame that once Oliver got his fangs in him, he was a captive. He was never allowed to develop as a player because of it."
-Norm Ellenberger,Butler University,1954 and former head Coach, New Mexico University.

"There is no question he was used. Nothing is ever going to take away the hurt he felt years ago."
-Dave Diles, author and former television journalist.

"I'm kind of a dominant person and I can see why he might have gotten mad at me."
-Newt Oliver, former Coach,Rio Grande College,Boston Whirlwinds.
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